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Loans and Fines

We are excited to share that Kitchener Public Library is a fine-free library. This reconfirms our commitment to providing accessible service to all members of our community.

What does fine-free mean?

Fine-free means that customers will no longer be charged overdue fines. Why? Because we don’t want finances to be a barrier to library service.

How long can I keep my library items?

Even though we are no longer charging overdue fines, we will want our items back! We ask that you return your items to the library in a timely manner so others may enjoy them as well. We will continue to send reminders about due dates. Items that are long overdue and not returned to the library will incur a replacement cost.

Item TypeLoan Period
Holds Allowed
Book club sets6 weeksYesYes
Books, magazines, DVDs, CDs3 weeksYesYes
Musical instruments3 weeksYesYes
Wireless hotspots3 weeksYesYes
Board games1 weekYesYes
Express items1 weekNoNo
Outdoor collections1 weekYesNo
Parks and museum passes1 weekYesYes
Playaways and launchpads1 weekYesYes
Toys1 weekNoNo
Vinyl records1 weekNoNo
Bike locks1 dayNoNo
Sports equipment1 dayNoNo
Laptops and iPads (in-library only)4 hoursNoNo

For most items, a first reminder will be issued after the item is 1 day overdue. A second reminder will be issued after the item is 5 days overdue, and a third reminder when the item is 15 days overdue. A replacement bill will be issued after 30 days.

Damaged or Lost Items

If an item is lost or returned in damaged condition, you will be responsible for the replacement cost of the item.

Paying Replacement Fees

There are many ways to pay your replacement fees:

  • In-person at any Kitchener Public Library location (cash, debit, or credit card accepted)
  • By telephone at 519-743-0271 x 260 (credit card only)
  • Online payment (credit card only)